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Beauty lies in simplicity…

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Zaz-On ira (cover)


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This is why one should never leave me alone in a kitchen 😀 20170114_16165120170114_16251520170114_16173720170114_164539

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Sous le ciel de Paris

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All those words we never say

Have you ever wondered why we keep some things just for ourselves? Why do we prefer not to speak up our mind when we probably should? When was the last time you wanted to say something, but you chose not to because you were too afraid your words would come out wrong or be misunderstood, your feelings would be rejected, your ideas would be laught at…?

So you just kept quiet, smiled or looked indifferent, but in your mind the words were so violent that they could have exploded in millions of letters. You felt the weight of the unspoken words as firm as a storm that tears down everything in its way.

They sounded so loud in your ears that they could have left you deaf and if you had been reading them in your own eyes, the sight of them would have left you blind.

And later on, you thought many times at what you might have said if you had the courage, you drew in vivid colors some possible scenarios and you probably laughed at your idiotic fear of being wrong. Did you do the right thing? Should you have said anything?

All those times you kept the words to yourself you lost opportunities or maybe… dreams.

So, next time, free yourself and let them burst out… Because you have one life, you don`t live in the past or in the future, but  in the present and you are allowed to express yourself. I can`t guarantee that your phrases won`t be misconstrued, but you should know that those who matter will always understand you although your words might sometimes be furious or cruel.

Don`t let the time snow the silence on your voice…

You don`t know this, but since yesterday, the snow has been falling calmly over my little town. When I woke up, I lost myself contemplating the neverending white coat of frozen snow flakes which seemed to be at times cruel and madly beautiful. The scenery was laying still under the spell of a winter that we had been waiting for too long.  And there it was: white, frozen, powerful as a queen of lost dreams and hopes.  And I felt powerless and cold and I missed you. All that snow covering the buildings, the cars, the pavement and even the people striving to find their way in the ocean of white made me understand that it was pointless to go and search for you, cause I didn`t know your address, nor if you wanted me to come. I felt puzzled, melancholic and sad. And the snow continued its pointless fall over my broken heart and its slow tempo made me wish I had told you how much I hated not having you next to me…


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